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Thank you for finding me!  I’m very happy you are here.

A little about me…..

I am Paula Scherr (pronounced Sheer, like the scissors).

I’m married to Kelly, my best friend and biggest supporter!  He is super cool.

We have a son, Jaxon.  He is my whole heart and my biggest inspiration.

I love sugar.

I don’t love insects, particularly wasps, but that’s a whole long story.

I love warm, hate cold.

I talk to myself constantly, like right now, I’m talking as I’m typing.

My biggest fear is waking up one day and having my beautifully blessed life be taken from me.

My fondest memory is Family Christmases when I was a wee little girl.

I don’t always take ‘perfect photographs’ according to what a textbook says is a ‘perfect photograph’, but I do promise to capture you, the real you, the beautiful and amazing you.

Photo by Els Photography by Meg Henderson